How To Tile A Shower: A Step-By-Step Guide

By | March 7, 2023

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Tiling a shower is a great way to add a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom. It can also help to protect your walls from water damage, and increase the value of your home. Tiling a shower can be complicated, but with the right tools and some patience, it can be done by anyone. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step One: Preparing the Shower

Before you begin tiling, you will need to prepare the shower area. This includes removing any existing fixtures, such as showerheads, bathtub faucets, and any other hardware. You will also need to make sure that the walls and floors are completely dry and clean.

Step Two: Gather the Necessary Supplies

Once you have prepped the shower, you will need to gather the necessary supplies. You will need tile, thinset mortar, grout, a trowel, and a level. You may also need a tile saw if you are using large tiles. You will also need to make sure you have plenty of rags and gloves to keep your hands and the area clean.

Step Three: Lay the Tile

Once you have all your supplies, you can begin to lay the tile. Start by spreading the thinset mortar onto the walls or floors of the shower. Make sure the mortar is spread evenly, and that it is not too thick. Then, start laying the tiles, paying attention to the pattern you want them to form. Use a level to make sure the tiles are even, and use spacers to ensure they are all the same distance apart.

Step Four: Grout the Tile

Once the tiles are laid, you can begin to grout them. Start by mixing the grout with water, according to the instructions on the package. Then, spread the grout into the spaces between the tiles, using a trowel or rubber float. Make sure the grout is spread evenly, and that there are no air pockets. Once the grout is dry, you can use a damp sponge to wipe off any excess.

Step Five: Caulk the Shower

Once the grout is dry, you can caulk the shower. This helps to seal the edges of the tiles and prevent water from leaking out. Start by applying a bead of caulk along the edges of the tiles, then use your finger to smooth it out. Make sure the caulk is evenly spread, and that there are no air pockets. Allow the caulk to dry before using the shower.


Tiling a shower is a great way to add style and protect your home from water damage. With the right supplies and some patience, it is a project that anyone can do. By following these steps, you can make sure your shower is properly tiled and looking its best.

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