Tileable Shower Base – A Comprehensive Guide

By | February 28, 2023

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Tileable shower bases are an ideal choice for many homeowners looking to create a luxurious, yet practical, bathroom. They provide an aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, and low-maintenance option for shower floors and walls. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of tileable shower bases, how to install them, and how to maintain them.

Types of Tileable Shower Bases

Tileable shower bases come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. The most common materials used for tileable shower bases are porcelain, ceramic, and stone. Porcelain is the most durable and waterproof of the three, making it the best choice for high-traffic areas or those with a lot of water exposure. Ceramic is less expensive and easier to install, but it is more prone to wear and tear. Stone is the most expensive of the three, but it is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime.

Tileable shower bases also come in many different sizes and shapes. Square shower bases are the most common, but they can also be round, oval, or even triangular. The size and shape will depend on the size of the shower stall and the amount of space available.

Installing a Tileable Shower Base

Installing a tileable shower base requires some basic knowledge of plumbing and tiling. It is important to measure the shower stall accurately before purchasing the tileable shower base to ensure it fits correctly. Once the shower base is in place, it is important to prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly with a mild detergent and allowing it to dry completely.

The shower base should then be sealed with a waterproofing sealant. This will help to protect the shower base from water damage. Next, the tiles should be installed. A mastic adhesive should be used to secure the tiles to the shower base. After the tiles have been installed, it is important to grout the seams and allow the grout to dry before using the shower.

Maintaining a Tileable Shower Base

Maintaining a tileable shower base is relatively easy. It is important to clean the tiles and grout regularly with a mild detergent. A tile and grout sealant should be applied periodically to help protect the tiles and grout from staining and wear. In addition, it is important to inspect the shower base and tiles for any cracks or other signs of damage. If any damage is found, it should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

Tileable shower bases are a great choice for many homeowners looking for an aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, and low-maintenance bathroom. With the right materials, installation, and maintenance, a tileable shower base can last for years to come.

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