Tile Corner Showers: Designing A Luxurious Bathroom Retreat

By | February 14, 2023

Top 60 Best Corner Shower Ideas Bathroom Interior Designs

If you’re looking to create a luxurious and inviting bathroom retreat, one of the most impactful design elements you can add is a tile corner shower. Not only does a tile corner shower provide a spacious and comfortable bathing experience, but the beautiful tile designs and materials used can also dramatically elevate the look and feel of your space. Here, we’ll explore the different design options available when installing a tile corner shower in your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Corner Shower

The tile you choose for your corner shower will be the foundation of your design, so it’s important to pick a material that fits your aesthetic and practical needs. Popular options include ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile, all of which come in a variety of colors and designs. Additionally, you can choose different tile sizes, from large-format tiles to more intricate designs. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, consider using recycled glass or recycled ceramic tiles.

Creating a Waterproof Design

Once you’ve chosen the tile for your corner shower, the next step is to make sure it’s properly waterproofed. This is especially important in a corner shower, as the corners can be prone to water buildup and damage. The best way to protect your tile and ensure a waterproof design is to use a waterproofing membrane. This membrane should be applied to the entire shower area, as well as any corners or nooks that may be prone to water buildup. Additionally, you should make sure to use a sealant around the edges of your tile to prevent water from seeping into any cracks or gaps.

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Corner Shower

Once you’ve chosen the tile and waterproofed the shower area, you can begin to add the finishing touches. This can include adding recessed shelves for your shampoo and soap, installing grab bars for added safety, or adding a built-in seat for a more comfortable bathing experience. You can also choose to add decorative elements such as mosaic tiles, decorative grout, and niches for storing additional items. With the right design elements, you can create a luxurious corner shower that will be the focal point of your bathroom.

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