All You Need To Know About Glass Block Windows In Showers

By | March 16, 2023

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Glass block windows are a great option for adding privacy and style to your shower. They allow natural light to enter the shower area while preventing those outside from seeing in. In addition to providing privacy, glass block windows in showers can be a beautiful decorative addition to your bathroom.

What Types of Glass Block Windows are Available?

Glass block windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Square and rectangular are the most common shapes, but there are also circular, octagonal, and even some unique shapes available. The most popular types of glass blocks for showers are clear, frosted, and colored blocks. You can also choose between single- or multi-paned windows.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Glass Block Window in the Shower?

  • Provides Privacy: Glass block windows are designed to provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the shower area.
  • Easy to Install: Glass block windows are relatively easy to install, and can usually be done in a few hours or less.
  • Durable and Low-Maintenance: Glass block windows are very durable and require little maintenance.
  • Beautiful Aesthetic: Glass block windows can add a touch of beauty and elegance to any shower.

What is the Installation Process for a Glass Block Window in a Shower?

Installing a glass block window in a shower is relatively easy, but it does require some basic tools and supplies. You’ll need a drill, a level, a measuring tape, a saw, some type of sealant, and of course the glass block window.

The first step is to measure the area where the window will be installed and mark the spot. Next, you’ll need to drill holes in the area to create an opening for the window. Once the hole is cut, you’ll need to apply sealant around the edges to ensure a tight fit and to prevent water from leaking. Finally, you’ll need to place the window in the opening and secure it with screws or bolts.


Glass block windows in showers are a great way to add privacy, light, and beauty to your shower. They are relatively easy to install and require very little maintenance. If you are looking for a simple way to spruce up your shower, a glass block window may be the perfect solution.

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