Everything You Need To Know About Boat Shower Curtains

By | August 5, 2023

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A boat shower curtain is a must-have for any boater who wants to keep their cabin, bathroom, or shower area dry and comfortable. Boat shower curtains provide a convenient way to keep water from splashing outside the shower area and keep a boat’s interior clean and dry. Whether you’re a weekend sailor or a full-time boater, having the right shower curtain can make the difference between a great day on the water and a not-so-great one. Here’s what you need to know about boat shower curtains.

Types of Boat Shower Curtains

Boat shower curtains come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. The most popular options are vinyl, mesh, and canvas. Vinyl curtains are waterproof and can easily be wiped down. Mesh curtains are lightweight and allow air to circulate, while canvas curtains are heavier and more durable.

Choosing the Right Size

When choosing the right size boat shower curtain, the most important factor to consider is the size of the shower or bathtub. Measure the width and height of the shower or bathtub, then measure the shower curtain rod. The boat shower curtain should be at least two inches longer than the rod, and as wide as the widest part of the bathing area.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing a boat shower curtain is relatively easy. Most curtains come with grommets that can be attached to the shower rod. Some curtains include hooks or ties for additional fastening. To keep your boat shower curtain looking its best, be sure to regularly clean and dry it after use. This will help prevent mildew and mold from building up, and will also help extend the life of your curtain.


A boat shower curtain is an essential accessory for any boater. With the right size, style, and material, you can ensure that your shower or bathtub area remains dry and comfortable. Be sure to regularly clean and dry your curtain to keep it looking its best and to extend its life.

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